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Vise Time

Spring is for big trout, good water temps and excellent fishing between fronts. It is also time to go through your equipment and do a little maintenance before things get in full swing. Also a good time to dial up your inventory for flies so that i am not having to tie after a full day on the water. Equipment wise I like to break down my rods clean with furniture polish wax the ferrules and put back together and they stay that way all year. Reels are broken down, lubed and lines cleaned or replaced which I do about every year due to the reps they receive. I hand tie my leaders and replace as necessary. Usually leaders with the exception of tarpon are 4 ft 50 3 foot 40 2 foot 30 then 2 foot of either 20 or 15. All fluorocarbon for me. Blood knots all around 3/4,4/4,4/5 for wraps on each leg and cinch down good with saliva or chapstick then finish with loop to fly either canoe or lefty or sometimes tarpon loop if water is clean and no debris. Flies are the fun part if you like the vise. Typically you need some poppers in light and dark, surface subsurface baitfish like deer hair, and E-P flies with big eyes various naturals, both light and dark. Kwan and redfish crack type variants along with some seaducers which can catch about everything. For very shallow weed filled areas a Rowland mud minnow with deer hair weed guard in various colors and some small spoon flies with weed guard is useful. Rockport sliders which can cover the hook point for this environment and the use of glass or plastic bead eyes or no eyes. Then lastly, clousers both with and with out weed guards in various colors and especially black with some rubber legs in small sizes for drum and sheepshead. Generally sizes 2-6 will cover most settings. Good luck this Spring and hit us up if you want a push! Capt Tom


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