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Fly Fishing the Laguna Madre

Inshore-  The inshore fishery out of Corpus Christi and Padre Island is very diverse with an ecosystem made up of huge expanses of shallow water with grass, mud, some shell and sand bottom. Fly fishing the Laguna Madre is done out of the poling skiff predominately but at times when fishing sand or ultraskinny water and when there are concentrations of fish then wading can be more successful.  The fish can be wary when in that environment and the slightest movement can spook an otherwise happy fish. Tailing , cruising and laid up fish are all part of the game on any given day. "There is nothing that i love more than stalking large trout in ultra skinny water with a fly rod" Capt. Tom Dorrell. Trophy trout are very challenging due to their incredible eyesight and ability to know about you before you know about them. Redfish are the brutes of the bay and they can be finicky or like a literal bull in a china closet destroying everything in their path. They are a predominant species on the flats. Occasionally we will get shots at bulls in 2 feet of water! If you are interested in this type of hunt on the flats there is no better fly fishing guide in Corpus Christi than Laguna Fly Outfitters to show you the ropes.


Black drum are very common on the flat and large schools are frequently encountered with tailing behavior or backs out of the water, what we like to call belly crawlers, sometimes reds are mixed in with them. A favorite is the ladyfish or skip jack. They are super aggressive little Ariel torpedoes that race across the sand flats smashing anything with movement and flash. If you like permit fishing then sheepshead are your thing as they are just as hard to catch and can be maddening to the novice and expert alike. Flounder, snook and baby tarpon are also available in varying numbers and should be considered a plus if found.


Nearshore is a very fickle thing dependent on the weather. If it is flat we can sometimes get outside to chase tarpon, jacks, bull reds and ling as well as bonito and spanish macs. If the wind comes up or the weather starts to turn then we run for the safety of the jetties and the Mother Lagoon.

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