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Great days and high water!

This last week I had the pleasure of fishing a couple of veterinarians from the Hill Country and their buddies. Dr Rob and Dr Jeff are a couple of great guys as are their buddies Curtiss, Mark, Brad and Curtis again. They were combination of fly and light tackle sight casting gents that were looking to experience sightfishing in the salt. This was everyone's first experience in the shallow water sight casting from the boat although everyone of the light tackle guys were experience bass fisherman and good casters. Curtiss has fished all of the world with a long rod but never hit the flats and Dr Rob has been mainly fresh water fly fishing but excited for first time to the salt for the skinny water hunt. These guys are all hard core fisherman and they were fun to have. My buddy Captain Dave Rowsey and his protege Capt Jarrett helped the guys and my son Coop scouted for them too. Ended up being great time First day was lights out and then second day wind went from South to North and scattered the fish a little but Mark fishing the other boat sightcasted a tailing 37 inch red and all the guys did pretty well. Capt Rob and Curtiss fished with me and we covered water from South Graveyard to Nighthawk. It was slow in am but with afternoon feed they hooked 5 on the fly and we had numerous shots at fish up skinny including some skipjack , saw 2 big trout and one tailing and acting like a crazy porpoise but would not eat haha .... go figure. Look forward to having these guys back their casting and timing improved dramatically thru the day for first time guys and they can see fish to boot. Tight Lines! Capt tom


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