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Laguna Fly Outfitters
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Laguna Fly: The Story
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Welcome To Flyfishing The Laguna Madre With Laguna Fly Outfitters.

   The Laguna Madre is one of mother nature's incredible palettes. She offers miles of shallow flats and runs 120 miles from Corpus Christi Bay all the way to Port Isabel. This area creates a utopia for flyfishing in the Laguna Madre. The big trout of Baffin Bay are also available and there are numerous areas in Baffin that  can be incredibly productive. There is an incredible diversity in the ecosystem from deep water bays to mud flats to the pristine grass flats that help keep our water crystal clear in all but the worst winds. If you know where to look beautiful clear sand flats that rival the Bahamas can be found with speckled trout, red-fish, drum, flounder and skip jack that can be sight cast to in ankle deep water.

    We fish primarily the upper half of the Laguna Madre this includes the land-cut, a man made part of the Intracoastal Waterway that bridges the upper and lower Laguna Madre together for barge traffic. This includes the famous "9 Mile Hole", or the "Graveyard" as it is sometimes called due to its dangerously shallow water. The area is known for its very large redfish in ultraskinny water. We can access the huge Baffin Bay system and its sisters Alazon, Cayo de Grullo, and Laguna Salada where monster red-fish and the Baffin famed trout reside. We also fish north all the way to Port Aransas.

This area is huge but it gives us options based on weather and fish behavior. You could never fish all this country in a lifetime but we like to try, Laguna Fly Outfitters specializes as 

a fly fishing guide service in Corpus Christi, Texas for fly fishing the Laguna Madre. 

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